Is there a way to successfully market my business online that doesn’t involve me constantly checking in, or is that just wishful thinking? Have you ever asked this question? Maybe there are ways you can use your social media in more efficiently? You do not need to be on social media 24/7 in order to achieve your goals. In fact, here are some tips to help you thrive on social media without having it overwhelm your life.

  • "Ask the right questions if you're going to find the right answers."*(V.R.). Who is your audience? What are your business goals? Why are you using Twitter or Facebook in the first place? Which social media platform does your audience use? Everyone wants to increase brand awareness by ‘x %’ by ‘x time’ but in order to be successful you need to plan your strategy in advance. As soon as you are clear with these questions the answers might already show you the right path to success.

  • Use social platforms as discovery tools. Don’t be afraid of something new. Spend some time to learn something that now might not be so important for your business but it may become important one day in future. This is how I found the power of infographics. At first I used them only for explanation but now I am developing a whole journey with the product which I aim to promote. The same can happen with tweeting some message or sharing a facebook page and being inspired to make your own video quote.

  • Don’t start with talking, start with listening first, then following. When you develop a business goal and are not sure how to organize your marketing strategy, find your target audience’s online content and be in their shoes. Find out what they like, what they feel inspired by, what their problems are, what they are searching for.

  • Less is more. You don’t need to have social interactions across all social media. You can choose one or two platforms and develop a presence there. For example if your business is very visual in nature maybe the right place would be Facebook or Instagram. Choose ones you like, commit and have a presence on those only at the beginning. It is better to be effective on one or two platforms rather than be invisible on more which can affect your business brand.

  • Meet people outside of your circle. Why do you want to reach only people who are from your side of the business? Try to reach different target groups that can be also interested in your products or services and they would find your content unique and inspiring for their own work. For example if you want to reach charity or social bloggers, you could instead write “I love your charity campaign”, “Here is how to use this tool which will shows your impact - for the donations you make”. Now you can connect charity and technology sectors and people from both groups can benefit.They will like you because you are not a competition.

  • Generate leads but keep it structured. The more accounts you follow the busier your feed will get, and this is how you may miss the important messages. You could use Twitter lists to group the accounts you follow. When you click on a list it will filter out tweets and only show tweets from that particular group. This will allow you to focus on the most important accounts first.

  • Be time-organized and active. Just like running every morning. If you want to see the effect of your efforts on social media you need to produce content, make a schedule and follow it. You can decide to post one time a day. You can create a list of articles, video, images that you want to share with your audience. If you use schedule in advance, you won’t spend much time on social media. Moreover, if you use social media automation that will save your even more time.

  • Don’t forget to add web link on your social platforms. Your web page is important. It gives the new followers a nice first impression and first impressions matter. Make sure the design is professional and clean. When someone wants to know more about you, this is where you send them. Your website is like your living room with a library where people can read about your products or services, can find interesting case studies about your business, can smile at the photographs of your team or ask you for a feedback or tips.

  • Find someone who has a history of covering what you want to be known for. Find someone in social media who has written about subjects you want to write about now. He might not cover any more this topics but he was interested at some point and he might share your content, re-tweet it or follow you.

  • Educate your Audience. Use content in your posts to educate your customers about what they need to know to make an intelligent decision. Focus on their common objections, questions, and issues. Find someone else’s content that is valuable for your business, share that too with your colleagues or customers — and add fresh insights of your own.

  • Write Less. Promote More. How to generate more traffic on your website? Writing blogs everyday and creating more content is not the only solution. Now the key thing is what we value - the quality or the quantity. You still can write an original and engaging content related to your business but when you first publish it, even if it is applicable for thousands people, only few of them might see it. The idea is to promote this content more times in order to reach more readers.

  • Create a journey for your audience. There was a creative student project once, when the student decided to documented every step of the process to live life without products which are not vitally important for her existence. So for a couple of days she transformed herself from a average woman with makeup and expensive clothes to a person who does not spend money even for shampoo. In this case, you can use her photographs to promote organic products or minimalist lifestyle. People like to watch and join in on other people’s journeys. The reason why they like to do that is they feel they are going on their own journey. Everyone needs inspiration to keep finding meaning.

There are many reasons why you can be on social media and why it can be beneficial for you. Try to follow more tips of how to use social media effectively and learn from your previous mistakes. Don’t forget that good things happen slowly and you need to be more patient with growing your audience the same way you need to wait a few months for your homegrown tomatoes :)

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