Have you ever wonder what it means to engage the creative life on social media, and how it changes you? If yes, this post is for you. Creativity is the ability that allows you to create something out of nothing, to make connections where others don’t see anything. The trouble is that you can’t just connect with your material, you also need to connect with other people in order to build a like-minded community so you can present your art and have some feedback, or even promote it. Most creative people struggle to raise their voice in social media and feel insecure about using it effectively. In this post, we discuss what the main challenges with social media are and how artists can take advantage of it without harming their piece of art or wasting time to reach the wrong audience.


What for? - A lot of artists find social media overwhelming and they are torn over whether to use it for promoting their products such as writing or photography or connecting with friends and communities. Then the question is how you could remain connected with yourself, your artwork, and others without taking the risk of misinterpretation of your artistic vision.

“Feels Fake” - Despite the fact that you can use various reasons for being on social media, some people often feel like a fake for trying to promote their work or attempting to prove how awesome their life can be through posting images every five minutes of their creative process, for example.(watch video)

“Wasting Time” - Do you have time? No of course you are a exciting, creative , intelligent person and time is money. Also when you have more connections in social media you could have more distractions. Do we have a false impression of what a friend really is especially when we have thousands friends in Facebook. Friendships can be transformed into distractions and this makes you feel guilty about spending time on reading unnecessary information instead of working on your creative content.

“The Conflict with Social Media and Art ” - As a creative type, you will probably want to reach people and to share with them your peace of art. By collecting so-called “friends”, you will have a social currency of followers and you will become more prestigious and your art will be shared more. For example, your new song can be heard anywhere. Does this anywhere bother you? Anywhere can be supermarkets, busses, or even toilets! Then is this art piece truly appreciated or is it simply 'consumed'? Where are the limits of sharing and consuming by the mass. Who are you are trying to impress? Are you hungry for attention? Are you looking for more honest engagement with your audience or to gain more likes and followers?

Why Social Media is still important

You’re probably now asking “If we cannot resolve this conflict with social media and our creativity , why should we bother with it?” If you’re serious about getting your artwork in front of an audience and asking for acknowledgement then building a network is an essential part of you strategy. “It is all about who you know” as most creatives would say. Here are some of the key reasons why social media can be considered as important part of your life.

Establish Identity. Even if you are a very talented artist and you have some awards from festivals or exhibitions it doesn’t mean that the world will know about you. Through social platforms you can find yourself in the mixture of happenings, creative cultures and communities. Becoming a member of a group of people like you helps you to better define your goals, to define your weaknesses by comparing with your colleagues in the same circles of interest and develop your talent.

Be Inspired and more Productive. As a creative type your strength is not coming from being business-minded. Your goal may not be in terms of cause-and-effect as much as in terms of raw potential. This is why many creatives end up with a bunch of ideas that they don’t connect with each other and this causes them to spin in circles and become unproductive or lost. Moreover it is hard to be creative and productive at the same time. However, through social media you can learn more from the experience of others and how they deal with this, what their journey was and how you could follow their steps or create your unique path by being inspired of their success.

Get paid opportunities for free: Social media platforms seem to be the only place where you can still publish your creative writings or drawings ,for example, without permission, without money. Moreover, you can connect with professionals from your circle for free by following and liking their profiles and their recent work. If you don’t know someone yourself, then find a friend and his recommendation can be priceless. It seems so easy to imagine that the theory of “six degrees of separations” works so well in social platforms. You can be connected with anyone and the more visible you are in the right networks, the more likely you are to be recommended when opportunities come along. With more work opportunities you could establish a better team of talented and trusted people for your next projects

How Social Media Automation can add extra help.

Social Media Automation is not here to replace the amazing and creative content you produce. Its goal is to make sure that your content finds the right people, at the right time. Indeed it is a challenging concept and creatives could still have doubts about it. Yet, certain automated tools can be trained over time to match your exact needs and become as creative as you are. The more you use them, the more they understands how to behave - like a process of navigating the unknown! The best part is that the results can be predicted for own your benefit. Here are some points that will make you consider the advantages of social media automation :

The right People. The idea is not just to go after the numbers of followers but to go and search for the right people and right content. Finding your voice in social media is like swimming without goggles at the beginning. The learning process is important because through a willingness to be vulnerable and take risks, you become more conscious about your art. Little else will make you feel so alive. AI tools could seek for you and give you suggestions based on your topics and preferences. Automated social media can follow the profiles of people who would be interested in your product or service. It could also interact with their content, and interact on your behalf. Intelligent tools know how to engage with the right customers by retweeting or liking their posts.

Be on time. Maintaining a good rhythm of social updates is important for your marketing strategy. After all, you need to remind your followers that you exist. Orla’s intelligent content finder helps you cut through the noise on social media. Your social media marketing calendar will work as a tracking report too, that you can use to refer back to previous successful campaigns and learn from them. This is how you can improve your strategy and get more engagement and reach.

Creative Maths. By using AI you could also get reports on your social media performance, and compare against others in your creative industry. This may sound boring but it can be very useful because it allows you to learn more about your followers, their influence in social media and creative circles. Through this learning process and simple maths you will be able to identify key questions about how to merge your creative ideas with the audience you want to reach.


We are individuals - this is what the creative types love to say for themselves, but in reality we’re all part of a crowd. We need to make some more effort to use social media in order to become known in this crowd. New platforms continue to appear and develop and it is important to put time and effort into your social media strategy. If you still feel that you want to use your time for more creativity then let AI tools like Orla to do the work for you.

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