It is true - we live in a society in which creating an online presence has become most relevant in promoting our brand. Social media is now an online home for our business. It helps us to share our own story and our mission. A recent study found that nearly 80% of consumers would be more inclined to buy more often in the future because of a brand's presence on social media. For small business, knowing how to use social media is crucial. However maintaining a strong social media presence isn’t as easy as many would think.
As a technology company, which is also a small business, we understand what it means to struggle in finding time to do more in social. Our focus is on helping small businesses gain a following on social media, that is relevant to them and their business. We are pleased to announce that our new social media tool Orla can allow you to manage all your social media needs in a simple and effective way. Here are the main reasons why you should try it with no doubts:

Easy to use and Free

We've made Orla free to get started with. Moreover there are no trials or contracts - you just need to sign up, add your settings or see the results. With Orla, we're helping small business find relevant content on social media. In the process of using Orla - you get to train your own AI, just like you would train your faithful dog.
We have learned from our customers that it is not easy to trust the automation from the beginning and it takes time to feel ready to use it. This is totally understandable because you care about your content and current followers. With our new approach, Orla can allow users to control the extent of what they wish to automate, action by action. After Orla knows what she’s looking for, you’ll see your results and suggested actions improving - to the point that it’s suggesting exactly what you want to do.

Some insightful tips about automation

Social media has transformed into a small business sales tool that makes sure your audience knows who you are and where to find you. A lot of companies use more than one platform for sale such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and etc. However not all of these platforms are easy to access and cheap to promote. For example, the problem with Facebook is that if you want to reach people you have to pay for Facebook Ads. With Twitter you can still reach many people and the access is easier and cheaper. Think about it: among 300m Twitter active users per month, you can be definitely sure that someone in your area has searched for what you're selling. Now you may say my customers are out there – but where? My Twitter page is only followed by 35 people. A good starting point is to let Orla follow the profiles of people who would be interested in your product or service. When you follow someone you can get an extra count in your follower list and the cost of time of your efforts is zero. There is the risk of being connected to irrelevant or spammy Twitter accounts, but with the right filters you can pick more relevant target groups. Orla is so intelligent and knows how to interact with your customers' content by retweeting or liking their posts. Her algorithms can be used to automatically avoid image topics harmful to your brand. Also, especially important for smaller companies, is to care about their customers and to respond to them anytime for one-to-one support. Keeping an eye on your social media messages can be vital to manage potential issues. Orla auto-replies might be be helpful to boost your engagement through being timely and effective in your replies.

Schedule Your Posts in Advance

Maintaining a good rhythm of social updates is important for your social presence. However, posting in social media regularly can be a time-consuming task sometimes. This is why Orla can help you do more in social in less time. By automating your posting and choosing the exact times when to share, you provide some predictability to your followers. They will know when to expect news from you. This is how you can increase the chances your posts to be actually seen. Now you may say: “I have no time to share or tweet”. In that case let Orla send you suggestions and by one click you can arrange the posting of a tweet in advance. Our early adopters have seen profile growth, increased awareness, and lead generation, all without having to lift a finger. Moreover, our previous AI and social media tools have been trusted by brands such as Harrods, Selfridges, Sears, Coca-Cola and many more! So you can be sure that you’re in good hands. Are you still not convinced about the benefits of Orla?


The whole world is waking up to how powerful social media can be in terms of growing businesses. Automation tools like Orla can be a fantastic time saver and provide you with a real impact towards your social media image. We'll be updating Orla with new features, which will help you cut through the noise and become the most worthwhile on the market. For now, let's focus on key tasks, and whether they're right for automation. Do more in social in less time. Get paid to do what you love. Establish yourself as an expert and grow a following around your passions :)

What other questions do you have about social media automation?

The Orla team cares about your needs and is here to help you answer your questions. Think there’s something we missed? Let us know by email, or follow us on Twitter or FB.